About Us

Medico Legal Specialists (MLS) has been providing independent medical examinations in Australia for over 15 years. Founded by our medical director Dr Ray Wallace, we are committed to delivering excellence and have been transforming healthcare by providing innovative solutions and exceptional care that empowers individuals to live healthier lives.

At MLS, our focus is on prioritizing customers, treating individuals with dignity and the highest level of respect. We firmly believe that this approach translates into people feeling more comfortable during appointments.

As Australia’s leading healthcare provider we deliver superior patient outcomes, using evidence-based medicine, leveraging data and technology to personalise the healthcare process, and reduce costs for organisations and schemes we operate within.

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Our Values

Cultivating a common sense of directions is vital for ensuring coordinated efforts and achieving collective success.


Facilitating joint endeavors is vital for cultivating synergy and attaining shared accomplishments.


Fostering adaptability is crucial for navigating change and responding effectively to evolving circumstances.


Achieving optimal results involves consistently delivering at the highest standards and exceeding expectations.


Providing assistance involves actively helping and enabling others to overcome challenges and attain their goals.