Fast delivery of high quality reports

Obtaining fast and accurate medical reports is essential for your case managers so that’s what we provide. In addition, we offer unique services to make it easier for you to process claims using our:

  • Early Intervention Reports
  • Specialist Advice Line
  • New Claims Review

By focusing on meticulous report content and strict quality control processes, you can be assured all medical reports provided by Medico Legal Specialists contain everything you need to make correct claims assessments.

Plus with strong staff retention, our clients know they can rely on the experience and accuracy of our Client Liaison Officers.

To make a booking contact us here or call one of our Client Liaison Officers for assistance (02) 8243 5600

Early Intervention Reports

To help you assess the validity of a claim, we offer Early Intervention Reports.

Early Intervention Reports assist case managers to:

  • Identify fraudulent claims early
  • More accurately predict when a claimant can return to work
  • Monitor treatment to ensure it is appropriate and reasonable
  • Flag claims that may be difficult to resolve

An Early Intervention Report uses factual information obtained from trained investigators together with an Independent Medical Examination.

To discover if an Early Intervention Report is the best option for a claimant, call the MLS bookings department on (02) 8243 5600 or contact us here.

To book an Early Intervention Report simply download and complete the form and email it to

Specialist Advice Line

Getting the information you need to make the right decision can save your company time and money. Let our specialist advice line help you.

Our specialist panel of over 250 medical experts will provide answers to your simple queries within 24 hours of your enquiry.

So if you have a question, we’ll have the answer. Simply call (02) 8243 5600.

New Claims Review

To ensure new claims are resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible, we provide a New Claims Review service.

An experienced medical expert will visit your office to answer any questions a case manager may have regarding the management of a claim including:

  • Causation of the condition or injury
  • Treatment options
  • Fitness for work

Case managers who have taken advantage of this service report claims are resolved faster with lower claims costs.

Discover how the New Claims Review service will benefit you, call (02) 8243 5600 for more information or to make a booking.

Or call the MLS bookings department on (02) 8243 5600

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