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Medico Legal Specialists (MLS) provides services to clients in need of independent medical opinions for various personal injury matters including:

  • Workers Compensation
  • CTP
  • Life Insurance
  • Public Liability and more

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When it comes to independent assessing an individual who has a Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, Total Permanent Disability Claim or Liability claim, you need accurate information fast. Medico Legal Specialists have developed unique services to help you make prompt and cost effective decisions.


Join the medico-legal team that truly understands how to make your work day easier. How? With 25 years’ experience working in the medico-legal field, our medical director has introduced new systems and services to streamline your medico legal practice.


Frequently asked questions to assist you before your assessment with MLS.

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Booking online allows you to make your MLS appointment efficiently. At MLS we are working to make our system intuitive, allowing you to breeze through your selections. You can find out in seconds whether the dates and types of appointments you want are available.

MLS wants you to be able to reserve an appointment online anytime, day or night. You can plan your appointments during work hours from your desk at work or after hours if you need to from your iPad or smart phone from anywhere.

When booking an appointment by phone, MLS Client Liaison Officers provide you with an email to confirm all relevant details for future reference. We would like you to receive the same level of confidence and satisfaction with your online booking.

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