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Are you feeling appreciated?

If you have a busy medico legal practice, we invite you to consider the benefits of joining the panel at Medico Legal Specialists.

We truly look after our doctors by providing:

Well managed clinics
On-time and accurate payments
A pleasant working environment
Courteous and well-trained staff
Plenty of appointments to fill your diary
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We are the doctors’ choice for a reason

We have a stable panel of medical experts because we appreciate and take care of them. In addition, you will be dealing directly with our Operations Manager, Madison Joseph.

Join the team that’s committed to helping you

If you are not already part of the Medico Legal Specialists alliance of doctors, you are overlooking an opportunity to join a team that is committed to serving your medico legal practice.

If you would like to consider your options or expand your medico legal referral providers, call (02) 8243 5600 to arrange a time to speak directly with our Operations Manager, Madison Joseph.

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We’ll market your services so your calendar is filled

When you join the Medico Legal Specialist team, we will work hard to ensure all of your available medico legal appointment times are filled. The team at Medico Legal Specialists will:

Promote your services to all of our referring insurers and lawyers and provide you with opportunities to expand your client base using our exclusive medico legal reporting initiatives.   To explore the opportunities available at Medico Legal Specialists call (02) 8243 5600 to arrange a time to speak with our Operations Manager, Madison Joseph.

Clinic Preparation and Administration

When patients come first, it can be difficult for doctors to oversee the administration, accounting and clinic management that’s required in a medico legal practice.

Having an experienced medical director on our team means we understand your practice challenges. As a result, we have introduced processes to make operating your medico legal practice more efficient. These processes are constantly reviewed and refined to ensure we remain the doctors’ first choice.

In particular, we assist our doctors with all aspects of:

Location bookings
Clinic preparation
Accounting & payments
Typing and quality control of reports

Accounting & Payments

We help you keep track of your medico legal accounts and ensure all accounts are paid. This means you no longer need to worry about chasing slow payments or bad debts. The administration team at Medico Legal Specialist will take care of that for you.

In addition, we will pay you in full each month. After all, we believe our role is to help you improve, expand and maximise your medico legal practice. That’s one of the reasons why we are the doctors’ choice in the medico legal field.

Seeking your Feedback so we can do better

We want to continue to be the doctors’ first choice for their medico legal practice. So we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how we can make it easier for you to operate your medico legal practice.
We invite you to share your opinions with any member of the team at Medico Legal Specialists.
In addition, our medical director Dr Ray Wallace is always available to discuss your ongoing involvement with Medico Legal Specialists.
Our Doctors
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