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How long will the appointment take?

Typically, medical assessment appointments will take between 30-90 minutes.


What time do I arrive?

Once the appointment is made, you will be given information including the doctor’s name, the location details and the time of your appointment. Please make sure you allow plenty of time to arrive at the clinic. It is recommended you aim to arrive a little early so you feel relaxed during the consultation.


What do I need to bring to the appointment?

  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans and blood test results (not required for psychiatric appointments)
  • Reports from treating doctors and specialists
  • Photo ID to confirm your identity


Where do I go for my appointment?

You will have received all essential information from your insurer, employer or legal contact.


What will happen during the appointment?

The medical assessment appointment usually comprises an interview and a physical examination. You may be asked to partially undress as part of the physical examination however you will be provided with gowns and/or sheets to protect your modesty.

All of our doctors are experienced and highly qualified specialists in their field. While they are unable to provide you with advice on the treatment of your condition, they will treat you with respect and empathy.


What sort of questions can I expect to be asked?

You can expect the consulting specialist to ask about:

  • When your medical problem began
  • How your condition has progressed
  • The medical tests and treatments you have undergone
  • Your personal life and the sorts of activities you like to do
  • How your condition has impacted on these areas of your life

All of these questions are designed to understand your situation and how your condition is affecting your life.


Will I receive a copy of the medical report?

The consulting doctor cannot give you advice about your condition or your treatment options. He/she is simply there to assess your overall condition and provide an assessment to the organisation that arranged the referral. This organisation may be an insurance company or legal firm.

Speak to your treating physician if you would like a second opinion on your medical condition or treatment options.

Or call the MLS bookings department on (02) 8243 5600

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